Tuesday, June 28, 2011

using frames as art

Latey I have been obsessed with blank frames why who knows...
it's probably because then you don't have to find any artwork to put in....I think that's why...
so while shopping at my local thrift store I came across these beauties...fun eh?? the lady in the checkout said that she actually had all three of the same photos she just got a few days before which just made me laugh...how often does that happen
 anyways I wasn't after the art at all just the frames
 they have a lot going for them....so I took them and sprayed them black and one orange so it goes with my new artwork cortesy of Wal Mart
 sorry my pictures aren't that great and really don't do it justice i was in a massive hurry and the details on the frames didn't come out that great but see how easy it is to make something old look new.

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