Saturday, June 11, 2011

lamp makeover

I found these amazing beauties at a D.I. in excited I waited for them to bring them out and beat a horder to them ha ha...all in the name of the game baby.
I loved the shape and details...wasn't so much in love with the color or lamp shade but hey that is where the real fun begins.....
so I sprayed them with primer and then pulled out this blue color I have had forever and wow was it blue...not quite what I had expected so then I sprayed with a cream over it
 started sanding like crazy covered with a black glaze
 don't you just love the detail.......................heaven!!!!
added white drum lamp shades they were looking a little dull so then
I added some flowers and of course a feather and isn't she a beaut????

 my three most favorite colors.....lately haha

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