Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Fun

 Well here I am first entry of a new blog!  Why I am doing yet another blog you may ask.  Well for those of you who took the traditions class earlier in the month know that I love the holidays and I LOVE to craft.  Rather than take up a bunch of room on my family blog with decorating ideas that I know my boys would just love to look at I decided to venture out and make my very own craft blog!  I admit it's a little intimidating knowing that there are so many wonderful crafters out there with a lot of amazing ideas but I thought I would give it a  try and send some of my ideas out into cyberspace!  Yikes...... but here I am and here is my crazy crafting....why not start off with some scary fun of Halloween!
I made this Halloween wreath for the front of my mom's door
I made these pillowcases for my boys and added a few little extra touches.
While waiting in line at the fabric store i came across the cutest fabric that i just had to have!  Then the very next day I came across this pattern for a table runner!  I just love how well it turned out and that there are so many fun and excellent colors!
Isn't the witch on the back so cute?  She just had to be incorporated!
 I couldn't find a centerpiece that I loved so i took my topiary and sprayed it all black and added the sign!  Nothing says spooky like a spider hanging off the side!
 Last year I made this table runner.  It took a lot of work but was well worth all the hard work.  I freehanded the spider webs and embroidered all of it in a metalic silver with some spiders hanging out in the middle!
I added a little trick or treat out of cardstock and ribbon

I really dressed up the fireplace mantle this year with lots of spiders, webs, skulls and a couple of skeletons.  It makes for the perfect kind of spooky!

This was a fun and inexpensive craft that I was able to do with my little man!  All you need is black cardstock, clothespins, and a twig and you are good to go!  Xan had the time of his life helping me make this!  (if I could remember where I got this idea from I would so add the link....sorry)

This year I got the most brilliant idea to make a witch!  One that is bright and colorful!  She is perfect in every way and I actually sewed a dress.....yes can you tell I have boys and so this was so much fun!  I painted the stripes on her legs and gave her a little wart!  I had an idea that popped into my brain and well here she is!  
Of course what witches hat is complete until you add a little bling!