Thursday, February 24, 2011

St Patricks picks

All you need is a little paint and some wooden dowels
  Next you paint the sticks in the color you want.....cut out the shamrocks
 I decided to add some bling so I sprayed some of the shamrocks with spray adhesive....poured on the glitter
 and then flip over add a string of glue put attach the wooden dowel
 arrange and put in a vase and here you instant centerpiece
 changed my mind and put in a white vase oh and added a table runner will post that later!
My boys loved helping me do this and love that they created our centerpiece

St Patricks Banner

Oh it's time to start the St Patricks day I say bring on the green!
I loved my Valentines banner so much that I decided to make a shamrock one!!
First I started with printing off different shapes of shamrocks and then
I found a bunch of green paper and traced it on the back and cut them out!
 Once I cut out the shamrock I lined them up in order punch a hole through each of them and grabbed a needle and ribbon and threaded them through....only this time I added buttons on top of each of the shamrock.
 This is an upclose shot
 Hanging up and ready to go!
 Closer to see the full effect
Happy St. Patricks Day!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines Craftalicious

Well I believe it is safe to say that this wraps up this years fun with Valentines crafting!I was on one of my most favorite websites and came across a few oh so cute and amazing ideas!  Although I must admit I tweaked them a little more to me!  To see her amazing stuff go look at . Plus she has the tutorial on there!!!!

I loved the bottles but wanted to do a more an open flower option!

For my topiary I used a white vase that I had around the house

bought a circular foam to stick inside

 I had a round ball form so decided to put it to good use
 Here is a bunch of my flowers cut and rolled
 starting to glue and put into place

Here is the finished product! I must admit this was a whole lot of work more than I anticipated but love love love the way that it turned out!!! 

fast and easy valentine project ideas

Okay so if you are needing a fast and easy project here you go! 
The first project is one using cardstock and ribbon.  First cut out different sized of hearts.  Then you take a needle and punch two holes in the heart. Once you have that done grab some ribbon and a needle.  Then you thread your needle with ribbon and thread the hearts through.  You should have a string of hearts like this. I tied a bow with the extra ribbon on the center heart to give it a little something extra!   

I took an old tin decoration that I had and sprayed it red. Next I cut out some vinyl on my Cricut and put on top! Easy as 1...2...3!
  Only I wished I used white vinyl but hey that 's okay!
 For the next project I took a piece of wood and cut to 8 x 6 1/2. Then I painted it pink.  Cut out some words using red cardstock and my Cricut and painted a layer of Modpodge then put the words on.  Once dry I used another layer of Modpodge and here you go!

Conversation Blocks

I was on and loved her idea so of course I had to do them....only I got a little (by little I mean very) carried away!  

I just loved how they turned out so I had to make so with and withouth scrapbook paper.  The scrapbook paper I just cut to size and then Modpodged them on and sanded the edges so they lay flat.  Then I used my Cricut to cut the vinyl and put over top!!   I made some for my boys rooms and just had a lot of fun if you couldn't tell!

Instant art

My sweet husband bought  me a Cricut for Christmas and I have been having a ball with it! So I thought I would give it a try to see what happens if you make your letters as big as you can and this is what I came up with! The L is just regular font as big as can go.  The O is the big and chunky feature.  The V is the tall ball feature and the E was normal but smaller!  I just used different pieces of scrapbook paper and cut out the letters.
Next you take tissure paper crumble it up and then lay flat on the backing to your frame...stick the scrapbook paper over...put the top of the frame on and wala you have instant art!  I just used a bunch of different size frames that I had sitting in our garage and put them on our entry table! super easy and so cute!

How to revamp a frame

I have learned that if you like something you can always turn it into something that you love!
I bought this frame and love the layout of it but the color is not quite what I wanted soooo...
 I took the frame and painted white around the edges and enough on the insides so that it wouldn't show through the paper. Then i took some scrapbook paper put on top and traced the frame onto it. Next I cut the paper out and used Modge podge to make the paper adhere to the frame. Once it was on the frame I then used a lightweight sandpaper and sanded the edges of the paper to give it a more finished look.
 To finish off with I painted a little more white around the edges and put one more layer of Modge podge over it to seal it up and here you go!
A whole new look!

love love love what more can i say

Oh here is it the season of Love!  I don't know where the time has gone and why in the world it has taken me so so so long to post but here we go....
My little niece had a shirt on with this saying and these cute fonts so I of course just had to make a pillow out of it because it was so super cute! This year I have tried to incorporate some blue  in since I have boys!  It's a little different but so love it! ha!