Thursday, September 8, 2011


 I found the best table at the local D.I. for $10.00
 a little spray paint and it has new life! You like how it's stacked on the was a little short and am going to figure out a stand to make it taller...but books work for now
 don't you love the detail on this's so fun and I had a few people ask me if I was really going to buy it at the DI.
 once again this table needs another make over...I can't seem to get it straight
 I used some paint I had and tried the Vaseline's a work in progress let's just say
 all works a lot better for what I have for it now
 Then I found this amazing dresser at DI too...only $8.00 and it's an Ethan Allen
 Some spray paint and here she is...............I left all the old hardware
it has a few cracks on the doors but I so love give it character

Sunday, September 4, 2011

the dresser from craiglist

A while ago I found an amazing dresser from Craigslist...
the pictures that were listed made it seem white after driving an hour to pick it up i realized it was not white at all but it works for my boys room and some much needed storage with the two little handsomes I have!  Added bonus the white glass knobs
 aren't they so super cute! I just love them.................
 after a little revamp....first I painted it black and then painted over the teal...acutally the color is called Fish story by Valspar...I had the boys help me pick it out...doesn't hurt that they love fishing
 it looks a lot better than the beige for sure and makes the white glass knobs stand out
don't you just love the red makes me smile :) partially because it doesn't really match and for a person who has to have everything matching this was a BIG the right direction of course............
 a little bit of distressing and it's good to go

Thursday, September 1, 2011

the living room make over

So have you been wondering what I have been working on lately and why I have slacked off on posting...well here it is so can you tell that I am obssessed with gray lately.. 
Amazing what a little change in color and accessories can do eh?
  It's safe to say that the turquoise and red didnt' last to terribly long....but I am loving the gray and yellow...I reupholstered the ottaman in a pale yellow fabric...
I sprayed all the frames a white and revamped the lamps...sprayed my clock and picture frame white
(don't quite know what happened to the picture on the right)

it stands out a lot more with the gray then it did the taupey yellow this
still a work in progress... I took a risk and sprayed my mirror so payed off!!!
some of my most favorite pieces....

  from the jungle

to the classic