Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Picture Frame Ornaments

So I got this clever idea from my sister to put picture frames on the tree...well I couldn't find the ones that I loved and what I really loved was a lot more than what I wanted to pay for them.....so I came across some pictures frames in the Dollar section...
(gotta love the dollar section) at JoAnn's. 
I bought 4...I always by 4 of everything for my tree as it balances it out...
 So this is how it looked before....
 then I put in my pictures of my boys ....
 flipped over cut a few pieces of ribbon....
 add a little bit of hot glue...add  your ribbon and then glue over to make sure it stays in place
 like so....
and then hang on the tree....I also found the grey and white square frames in the Dollar section at JoAnn's and did the same steps for that...now you have a personalized tree and cute pictures of your kids hanging up....which they just think is so so so super cool

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hello from Craze Texture!

I'm so excited to be a Guest on Unique Boutique! Both Beckie & I have a love for creating things! My passion however is in creating Hair Styles! I just get bored with the same everyday routine, so I've created Craze Texture so that anyone can be creative with their hair! Recently I did a project called 20 Hair Styles in 20 Days! With my lovely sister-in-law as my model we set out to create a Day by Day way you can style your hair with pictures & video tutorials! This was so much fun, I especially loved doing the photo shoots and had some amazing help from Karly Leavitt Photography you can go to her page HERE :). Since these styles are mostly for Long hair, I decided I want to create 20 Styles for Medium length & Short hair so nobody is left out! Currently I'm working on the medium length styles & hope to have that done by February!
Also coming soon are the 12 Days of Christmas, with surprises on everything from Skin Remedies to Fashion!
Here is a little sneak peak on Day 18 for Long Hair, you can come check out the rest HERE :)!
I hope you enjoy this style & would Love for you to come Join us at www.crazetexture.blogspot.com!

Day 18

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ribbon Topiaries

 I am so excited to be sharing with you one of my most favorite Christmas ideas
....the ribbon topiaires!
 So to start with I was going to make my own out of cardstock but came across these at Porters and decided to save myself a step. I bought the two sizes they had.
This one is the large one.
 Next while waiting in line at JoAnn's (my most favorite place...ever) I came across some super cute ribbon which you need if you are making a ribbon topiary....
 I painted this one red since I was going to be gathering my ribbon
and just incase I had a few gaps it wouldn't be so noticeable. 
 I cut my ribbon into various lenghts and sewed using a basting stitch to be able to gather the ribbon after...Once I was done sewing I gathered my ribbon...
cut the strings and went to work.
 I started with the bottom and worked my way to the top by gluing
on a piece of ribbon at a time.
 This is how the first tree turned out.
 Next I pulled out the smaller paper mache tree and went to work.
 Since this was going to be layered with ribbon I decided not to
paint it as there wouldn't be possible gaps that might show through. 
 I started on one side and angled my ribbon and worked my way around.
 This is what it looked like once I got all the ribbon on.
 Then I added the top on and wound my ribbon around a couple of times and
then angled the pieced and glued to the bottom inside of the topiary.
 Ta-da this is how they look together....
 Finally I took some left over cardboard that we had around the house and
 traced the two trees on top of it and cut out.
 I put a little bit of glue on the outside of the cardboard circle and inserted into the tree.
 Put on top of the candlestands and you are good to go
 You can put these anywhere.....
 here or.....
here...this is where they are going to stay!!
Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas to everyone...
make sure to come back and look for more fun projects!!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Ties

Oh it's that time of year again..you know what I am talking about....Christmas time. I decided to get a jump on things and make my boys some ties for Christmas....
aren't they so festive???

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mr. Captain America

What do you do when you have the cutest 3 year old who is obsessed with Captain America??? You break down and make him whatever you can so you can fuel the fire!!!
So while shopping at Target the other day I came across this in the Dollar section and immediately knew what I could do with it!!!
 So I took this rather amazing looking hat and made it even more amazing...
 Next I cut out felt and sewed together a Captain America patch to sew onto his hat......

Here is how it turned out not perfection but hey it works wonders for a 3 year old!
 Next up were the gloves...I forgot the before picture....but they were just a plain cute blue...now they are much cuter right????
Here is the set of hat and gloves and one exteremly pleased three year old who now thinks he is the COOLEST thing ever
 Can you say I am sucker...here is his favorite Captain America shirt...oh what's a girl to do???

Sunday, November 27, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

I love Christmas...it's seriously the BEST time of year... 
I love to decorate the house to the brim....the boys have been begging to decorate so the day after Thanksgiving we pulled out the big guns...Ryker my 3 year old said, "Ok so the trees up...where are all the presents??? It's Christmas right?"   ha ha little did I know that  is why he is so excited...oh brother
I found these amazing three wisemen at DI for $6.00 fun right?
What's Christmas without a Nativity???

I love hanging ornaments from the windows

I went all crazy and decorated my bathroom
My handsome boys trees they get such a kick out of decorating them...I tell them they can decorate how they want and I won't touch it and they don't touch my tree...it works well for everyone  Xan's has Star Wars all over it
their dresser

This is Rykers can you tell there are trains everywhere
My tree I loved how it turned out this year...I added some picture frames and it really made all the difference..tutorial on that in a few days

The stockings I made last year or aka Santas shoes
These are a few of my favorite things....what are some of yours?