Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's all about organization

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE IKEA and their wonderful storage ideas.  While in Utah we picked up some fun storage ideas as our little Xander who is 7 really needs help organizing his Legos...they give me a heart attack and almost kill me especially when you accidentally step on one or 50....
 So we took the mass of craziness from this....
 to this. He is so exicted and now can actually play with them now that he knows where in the world his pieces are
 doesn't this just make your heart smile??? assuming that hearts can smile haha!
since I was on a roll I decided to revamp our kitchen drawer as it was way over do...
I love I am not so afraid to get into it and have all the art supplies ready to go for summer!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting it just right

Some times it takes more than just one try to get it right!!! That is one of the beauties of painted furniture if you don't love it you just repaint.......which for me is therapy ha ha!!!!
For yeah it took just a few tries....
from this....which I loved but wasn't quite right....
to this....still loving and was fun but not it yet....
 to this..don't mind the cord hanging out in the background
 from this......
to this.......still need to take off the art opposite walls.....
 I love the way the chair turned out....

Friday, May 20, 2011

the wall of plates

So I know I showed my wall of plates before but wasn't quite satisfied until I found a few more give it more here it is all done....I added a few more plates and must say I love the way it turned out!!!! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

a Little Redo...gone wrong

I found this vase at DI for $1.50 and really liked it....I don't have room but wanted to buy it to give to my mother in law since it's her style!!!
 So I first painted a gray and then wipped black all over it and then white washed it.   It turned out not quite as expected but it turned out!!!!!!

I took my rooster and well tried to make him look aged!

 Next I rubbed black all over  him....should have stopped there but kept going
 Then I used a red and put where the black didn't cover and then painted black again and then rubbed a watered down white all over it
 here it is ...sometimes things just don't go the way you want but it's important to keep trying and then you will find that somedays they turn out just perfect too......just keep trying!!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Revamping a lamp

There is nothing I love more (okay other than my family) than taking something old and making it new again....
so in the quest to redo our house I decided to start with my lamp... I so dearly love has such great lines and structure and so much detail.
  I tried to revamp the lamp shade ......didn't really turn out the way I had planned
took this baby + some grey paint + white paint+ a new lamp shade ( a $3.00 find at di that I was going to totally reconstruct but actually fell in love with it once it was on) = this baby!
I realized that I loved the original lamp shade it's more the look we are going for.  You know the clean...simple...I can breathe look so I recovered it white linen fabric.  Nothing says clean like linen ha ha but I love that it's simple well it was until....

 (front view)
 now.  Then I decided to jazz it up a bit and added some gray ribbon on the top and bottom to try to cover my mistakes.....
 To finish it off i added a row of rosettes and put pearls on each to make it stand out a little bit more....not the best picture sorry
 The finished the way it turned out!!!!
 Ta-da finally something in this house that is girly......who would have thought in a house full of boys!!!!

Jungle baby

My sister just had a sweet little baby boy and I decided it was time she had some jungle flair added to her life!!!! ha ha! So I made this...
everyone needs a little jungle in their life

Creating art

I can't believe how fast this month has flown by.....crazyyyyyyy!
  Here it is teh 18th and wow the time has flown by...first I must thank all of you who voted for me to win the makeover obviously I didn't would have been so much fun but went to a girl who totally deserves it and I can't wait to see it all done!!!!  I had a lot of fun putting myself and my blog out there for everyone to see....Now is the time to dream ideas of my own...... So I have been in the trenches trying to come up with ideas.....hence the long time since I have last posted....I have been working like a crazy woman.....thank heavens no one has shown up to  my house for if they did they would find a total disaster....when I get super creative everythigng else gets put on hold yes even getting ready for the if you want a messy crazy pony tail....sweats and no make-up this is the place for you!!!!!!

So here goes I decided to make some art...which is pretty historic seeing how I am not an aritist at all but gave it a shot

Porters Arts and Craft had a two pack of 16 x 20 canvas on sale for $5.00--score you know me I am all about thrifting!!!!!  Next I pulled out my Cricut and sense I only have two cartridges I used what I had and came up with my own design.  Then I layed it out like so......................
I kept in place and rather than freehanding painted over it which yeah I ended up having to freehand a lot once I pulled the paper off....oh yes I should realize once paper gets wet it time I will use vinyl...I just didn't want to have to go to the store.....I should have I spent a whole lot more time than I wanted and learn right?????
 Once I pulled the paper off and touched up some ......

Repeated for a second time and then hung it up it looks so much better and a lot cleaner
don't you just love style changes????? I sure do!!!!!!
out with the old in with the new!!!

The twins---okay twin chairs

My mother in law came across these two chairs and asked if I wanted them....I of course couldn't say no as I needed another something something to work on so.......
I wished that I got a better before picture but sometimes i get ahead of myself and so here you go....the begining phase of the makeover
First I ripped off all the fabric and took off the cushion
 Next I sanded and then repainted the whole chair other than the seat
 Then I recovered the seat with some fabric that I found awhile ago and I just new I had to have and here it is
 Ta-da!!!!! I tacked on the fabric of the seat using my new best friend Mr. Stapler
 isn't it just great??? I so so so love how well it turned out!
 The twins in their glory!!!!!!