Monday, June 13, 2011

lamp shades

On the search again for a great lamp shade and a great deal
I found one at a garage husband thought I lost my mind but don't you fret I have a plan
I am in love with the drum style lately but it was way too long for my poor little lamp so......
I measured up 2 inches at first tried it on my lamp and surprise it was still too I measured up 4 inches and marked it all the way around using my blue marker and my measuring tape

 Then i pulled out my hubbys utlility knife and went to work!!!!!
 short and loving life!!! I was going to cover it so it didn't really matter if it was a little crooked on the bottom......
 then i found a great tutorial found here  ( Mandi is the best at making everything you could ever imagine and then some.  So of course I had to get to work by making a cute lamp shade.
 here it is....cute right you know you want one too!!!!
I just love how well it looks with the table and in such a cute corner

well of course I couldn't stop there and actually found this lamp shade at the same garge sale so I couldn't let it go to waste. I took my leftover grey duck cloth and started with a stream of hot glue and crinckled it as I went down the shade...
ending up with this...not to bad...still on the search for the perfect lamp for for now it's just a ruffley yes ruffley lamp shade!
This lamp shade has been on many lamps and in many different areas but here is where she will finally stay....I love the colors...the way it fits and compliments the base. the softeness and romantic whim of the roses. the pearls casting a touch of elegance. simple but perfect!

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  1. seriously. woman, you ROCK!!!

    So i bought an $80 lamp at TJMaxx today, for $11!!!!!!!! there was a screw stripped on top, so I fixed that, but need your help shortenening the lamp itself...SURGERY!!!! LOL! You're inspiring me! THANKS!!!