Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santas Shoes

This year I made new stockings for our family!  I LOVE the way they turned out!  My littlest calls them Santas shoes. 

Up close and personal.  Aren't they so cute...not to bad for freehand and no pattern.  It took a lot of work and a lot of ideas coming together in my head.  I started in a different direction but this is the way it went towards so I took it and ran with it! There is a lot of ribbon which I thought was so fun but the pinning all together WOW! Hope you all have a great Christmas!

My sewing projects....table runner fun

 This one I made for a friend for her Birthday.  I love the way it turned out on the black
This one I sewed for a friend.    It was a lot of fun and the best job too!  She called me and said she had a bunch of super cute fabric and would I mind sewing it for her and she would pay me!  Her fabric is FAB and I so loved putting my creativity to use!  It turned out a lot better than I could have ever imagined and so loved the way it all turned out!

I love the bright colors on this one and just love how it turned out!

Holiday idea with my little men

 This Christmas season we had a lot of fun by making Christmas come to every room in the house.  The boys and I always do a project for the holidays and Santa was it.  Xan helped me pick out the paper and the Santa blocks and here it is.....
 the blocks are cute...and so is the handsome boy behind it!
This one I did for my mother in law! I am having so much fun with this this year!!!!!

Frames R Us

This year for Christmas we decided to have some fun making frames for my parents.  I love the way they turned out!  We used a really chunky wood and black paint and had some fun! Thanks sweetie for making such a great present!
 Lar with his pigeons
 My mom with her Christmas gift
Who knew that great minds think alike my sis and I both got my mom the same gift!
And here we are

Christmas blocks

This year I had a lot of fun making some blocks for myself and some for Christmas gifts too!

a little believing

Here is what happens when you have a little bit of time on your hands and a mom who needs some help with Christmas gifts

Sunday, December 12, 2010


isn't it joyful

christmas pillows

I am so excited that I finally did it!  I have had the patterns for these pillows for a couple of  years now and can finally add them to our Christmas decor!!!!

and here is the Santa...isn't he the cutest!   

Christmas banners

Take some colored paper
Trace and cut out the letters
 cut out 14 triangles
 glue the letters onto the the triangles and glue onto ribbon
 cute a ribbon 100 inches long measure in 16 inches then start gluing on the triangles leave 4 inches in the middle and 16 inches on the end
 here it is in black and a believe in blue
 hang and enjoy

revamping old blocks

 You take a block like this....
 sand off the top with fine grit sandpaper

 for those of us who don't yet have cricuts you trace some letters onto the back of scrapbook paper.

 cut out
 paint your blocks and add some modge podge....put letters on and modge podge over it and instant holiday art!


I bought the cutest elf wood set the other day!  Add a little paint....paper and a ribbon and you are good to go!