Friday, April 29, 2011


So here it is I NEED HELP!  Yes I need HELP!  Here it is.....My newest blog crush made a major announcement and I SO WANT TO WIN!!!! I never win anything so I am praying like a mad-man that I can get have the AMAZING AND OH SO TALENTED MANDI...well I let her tell the details..

I get to come to your house and redo a room!!!

Introducing the:
[Giveaway-Button7.png] I never ask for help but here it I am begging for Help from my superhero and new BFF Mandi - she just doesn't know we are BFF's yet---but she will ha ha!  We were made of the same mold only she is the advanced version of AMAZING!!!!! 

 So it all started with  selling my kitchen table and chairs.  I found an amazing one at DI that currently is under revampification!!!!  While undertaking this on this table project I have decided it is time for an overhaul!  This is where Mandi comes in....she ROCKS at everything and I love love love love love..... did I say love .....her style!

.....Why I need Mandi....well because how often do you get a ROCKSTAR at your house! 
Why Mandi should come and redo my kitchen/family room......
#1 We have 3 DI's close by
#2 I love to revamp junk
#3 I live in it's realitively close kind of......
#4 My hot and oh so handsome husband works and goes to school while supporting a wife and two crazy and oh so cute little boys--- so the budget is NON-EXISTANT!
#5 So we can have GIRLS night EVERY NIGHT!!!!!
#6 Because we are free to PAINT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!!!!!!!
#7 So I can quit stocking her blog....or stock it even more!!!!
#8 Because MY 10 year anniversary is MAY 4th ---that is when the top 10 will be announced!!!!
#9 Because Krylon and myself have become new BFF's
#10 My summer is wide open and I am a very HARD worker---because revamping and painting are my PASSION ----it gets the old blood a pumping!!!!!

The task at hand....redo everything!!!!!  Why I need Mandi because her colors rock!
We can reupholster chairs...revamp everything that is in sight.....have lots and lots of fun
Repaint walls....everything !!!
since the kitchen and living room flow into one another this room would be ideal too!  Mandi you can paint anything and everything you see....yes I even have permission to paint my mantel!!!!!
I have tried mixing some colors and have stopped half way through! I am not sure which way to proceed and would love some expert ideas!!!
the sky is the limit here ---let's do this!
I have chairs I just purchased at DI that are just chilling in my garage! 
 Because I want to be you....see I couldn't find any cool mirrors so I had to substitute with silver plates instead but love the outcome!
Thanks Mandi for just being amazing and for sharing your fantastic ideas with the world! You rock and then some!!!!!! I so hope we can hang out and have lots of fun!! Plus my entry # is 96 and that is the year I graduated ---it's meant to be!!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My octogonal table

On Monday we went to lunch with our friend for her birthday and while in Rexburg I just had to visit their DI as our is lacking in creative finds!  So while there I came across this and just knew I had to have it....well I didn't buy it on Monday and by Tuesday I had this great vision for some storage up in the boys playroom.  So I went and picked it up on Tuesday and talked them down in price as the top was water damaged and there was a slight buckle on the side!
After sanding.....then priming.....then painting green and not loving it so much....then I painted a taupe over it...then I glazed with a black and was too impatient for it to dry so while rubbing I took off some paint down to the primer and well for now it will be just fine.
I added some new hardware to it and Ta-Da!!!!!

My wall of art

From this to....
THIS!!!!! I took a bunch of silver plates that I have found at different thrift stores.
Next, I sprayed them white with Krylons classic white.
 Hot glued some ribbon on the back since there was no other way to hang them ...clever I know (yes it's blue but hey you use what you have around and with boys why not blue ribbon)
Layed out...put some nails in the wall that I just patched all up and now I have some fun art!
I got this idea from my blog love
I couldn't find any mirrors that were worth revamping...dang DI come on!!!!
So instead I used what I could want to see the real deal look here

Thanks for looking and Have a fantastic day!!!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

instant monogram art

I found a this silver frame at DI for .50 cents and well I decided to spray it black and this is how it looks
 I didn't have anything for my fabric to bond with so I cut out a thicker paper using my glass
 then I used my Cricut and some black paper I had laying around and cut out of W for my last name
 cut some fabric I had laying around and wrapped it around my manilla paper and layed my W over it.....
 and here it is with my other DI frames cute eh?????
this is where I got the idea from fun eh???

A little touch of yellow

I so love my decorative box and have debated for 5 months whether or not to paint and well.....

 I took this beautiful baby and .....
 ended up with this!!!!!!  So perfect right???  yeah maybe I lost my mind but when you see it
 like this then you can't help but smile right???? come on I know you want to paint everythign this color don't you????

 here it is all done!! so cute right??????

It's all about the

What can i say i am in love with Retro and storage options too...
so I came across this at my new bff DI for $10.00 and I couldn't's just too cute so here is how she looked before
 and with a little paint..... a switch of the doors so that now it's locked from a little boy who thinks it's his storage cabinet and not moms.... a few accessories and  you now have a cabinet that holds all our crazy blankets that yeah you know don't match but hey we still use!

JUST reduced all my prices

Hey everyone if you are interested in my items for sale I just wanted to let you know i have just reduced my prices!!  Let me know if you would like anything!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

decorative pot with stand and flowers

 killer deal.......originally paid $125.00 for just the stand plus shipping
and over $75.00 for the flowers
asking $125.00 for the whole thing
variety of flowers and colors plus greenery

set of 4 matching curtains

$40.00 set of 4 matching curtains
42" wide x 84 1/8" long

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From dark to light

I love love love this piece...I love the lines....the details but it didn't really show being so dark plus I needed a piece to practice this is what I came up with!!!!  isn't it cute????

the little table that is now blue!

I took this table which i so love and decided it was time for a change
                                                                     added a little blue
here is a shot from the side I so love the way it turned out!! you can see a lot more detail from the side than the top! love it!!!!
                                            went from this.....................................................
                                                  to this!!!!!!   Yup you know it I am in love!!!!

vintageafying a globe

I love my globe I do and we actually use it a lot to show Xander where things are like where Japan is and where the tsuanmi all the aftermath know things like that but
it just needed a makeover!!! So I figured now is as good as time as any to make it looking fab!
I took the base and painted a waterdown white over it
Then I sprayed the stand grey and wiped a black glaze all doesn't show so well but love it!  It gives it a more glorified aged look!!!!  Who doesn't love that!!!

from this to this simplified

I did it!!! I took this glorious chaos and went to simplification baby!
so very proud

Sunday, April 10, 2011

to blue or not to blue!

I found this at TJ Maxx and loved the color but didn't want the saying while holding in the store I realized you could scrap the letters off so ofcourse i already experimented and now had to buy it!

 so i kept scrapping using the softer edge of a butter knife
 and now here it is without words and without scratch marks fun eh????

 added a little flowers to make it a happy vase

 i took the finials from here and decided why not lets paint blue so i did
 then i rubbed with a stain and well it was darker than i wanted the blue wasn't the right color in the first place so then
 so then i repainted a brighter blue added white and then glazed here they are much better