Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Catching up

I don't know why it takes me so long sometimes....well most times in between posts....I think it's because I get going on my projects and once I have momentum then it's so hard to stop and write about then I take even more picts of things and am further behind that it makes it that much harder....oh bother so here it is I am going to try to catch up

So do you remember the artwork I did that was a dark gray and swirly???  Well it's just wasn't cutting it so I kept the same canvas painted yellow...then sanded so some of the dark gray would show through and then used my Cricut to cut out some vinyl....stick it on and there you go....intstant art...
 I took my pot rack...painted it black and now have it hanging next to my window in my front room
 I found this old candle stand and just thought it looked cute so I decided to spray it and another one I found (not shown here)
and here she is....aren't they so cute....I have them in my kitchen on a shelf now......
well that's it for now I still have lots to more to post

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

using frames as art

Latey I have been obsessed with blank frames why who knows...
it's probably because then you don't have to find any artwork to put in....I think that's why...
so while shopping at my local thrift store I came across these eh?? the lady in the checkout said that she actually had all three of the same photos she just got a few days before which just made me often does that happen
 anyways I wasn't after the art at all just the frames
 they have a lot going for I took them and sprayed them black and one orange so it goes with my new artwork cortesy of Wal Mart
 sorry my pictures aren't that great and really don't do it justice i was in a massive hurry and the details on the frames didn't come out that great but see how easy it is to make something old look new.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

the lamp you have been waiting for.....

I know i know you have been dying to see this right???? okay not really but we can pretend right????
 so here she is in her former glory.....k so just wait for it ...
 loving the gold leaf...aren't ya??? i found that you could actually rub off the leaf.....phew....i know you were stressing weren't ya.................taking it off....taking it off and
 ta-da!!! FAB right????
 do you remember the lamp shade i was waiting for the perfect lamp to put it on??? well here she cute right????
isn't it so good and so girly???

some fun finds

Oh D.I. how I love thee!!! I have found some many fun things lately I can't contain much for going with the very simplified look....arrgh but hey wen you find things like this....who can help themselves right?????
This is by far the coolest toolbox I have ever seen and one day when my littlest of little men gets his own bedroom you know it this baby will be in there!!! oh the possibilities.... but it gets even better there was a sander inside and guess what....okay you will never guess it so i will tell WORKS!!
 cool know you want one!!!!
 wait.....wait there is more....don't you just love it!!!!!  i know cool right....just wait until you see what i did with them!!!!
 Check out this baby...isn't it cool???  Ok so the lampshade was redonated it's a looker alright but not quite what I wanted!!!!  The lamp is freaking awesome.....just you wait until it's revealed...excited right??? ya  I know haha

do you ever have one of those days???

did you ever have one of those days when everything you do goes horribly wrong and you spend all this time trying to do it right and then you wonder......does it even matter???   i have had a whole week of those days...oh super fun.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

reupholserting an ottoman

What a scary task.....I decided to tackle and really tackle the ottoman. 
I love it's shape and style but it really didn't go with the color scheme that I have taken on so....I told myself let's do this...time to quit being a chicken and get with it.. so here we go....
 I gave it the upper hand and said don't mess with didn't dare
I told it let's straigthen up and let's get to work....  so I took out all the tacks......
now it's not tacky ha ha ha
then i said here we go  i cut out some butcher paper and layed it on top of my fabric so that I could get everything in position...didn't want to ruin my fabric and was deathly terrified that I would totally screw up...
I had to make sure that I got the pattern just right...ahhh that part was a total pain
 I had some extra fabric and made some piping to give it a different look....

 here she is...not so scary after all
 the top part!  I got the upper hand after all

Monday, June 13, 2011

lamp shades

On the search again for a great lamp shade and a great deal
I found one at a garage husband thought I lost my mind but don't you fret I have a plan
I am in love with the drum style lately but it was way too long for my poor little lamp so......
I measured up 2 inches at first tried it on my lamp and surprise it was still too I measured up 4 inches and marked it all the way around using my blue marker and my measuring tape

 Then i pulled out my hubbys utlility knife and went to work!!!!!
 short and loving life!!! I was going to cover it so it didn't really matter if it was a little crooked on the bottom......
 then i found a great tutorial found here  ( Mandi is the best at making everything you could ever imagine and then some.  So of course I had to get to work by making a cute lamp shade.
 here it is....cute right you know you want one too!!!!
I just love how well it looks with the table and in such a cute corner

well of course I couldn't stop there and actually found this lamp shade at the same garge sale so I couldn't let it go to waste. I took my leftover grey duck cloth and started with a stream of hot glue and crinckled it as I went down the shade...
ending up with this...not to bad...still on the search for the perfect lamp for for now it's just a ruffley yes ruffley lamp shade!
This lamp shade has been on many lamps and in many different areas but here is where she will finally stay....I love the colors...the way it fits and compliments the base. the softeness and romantic whim of the roses. the pearls casting a touch of elegance. simple but perfect!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

kitchen chairs......finally!!!!!

Wow this project has been forever in the making....I have never had a project take this long....after spedning two weeks on another set of charis that were a total bust and then some we came across these babies at a garage sale for $24.00 there is another chair but I haven't the foggiest why it's not there but hey that's ok...
So i took them sanded them down...took the fabric of the seats
sanded and in all it's glory!!!
Next paint black....poly them and add new cute right!!!!
can't wait to show you the rest of the kitchen..............but it's still a work in progress

Saturday, June 11, 2011

lamp makeover

I found these amazing beauties at a D.I. in excited I waited for them to bring them out and beat a horder to them ha ha...all in the name of the game baby.
I loved the shape and details...wasn't so much in love with the color or lamp shade but hey that is where the real fun begins.....
so I sprayed them with primer and then pulled out this blue color I have had forever and wow was it blue...not quite what I had expected so then I sprayed with a cream over it
 started sanding like crazy covered with a black glaze
 don't you just love the detail.......................heaven!!!!
added white drum lamp shades they were looking a little dull so then
I added some flowers and of course a feather and isn't she a beaut????

 my three most favorite colors.....lately haha

Friday, June 10, 2011

lamp surgery

I love my lamps really I do but they have always been a little too tall for the area that I really wanted to put them so thankfully I came across some lamp surgery expertise thanks to my bloggy hero Mandi and her amazing knowledge check her out:
she has this amazing tut on how to modify your amazing lampyness!!!
So yea here it is they are the same lamp cool eh?????
Oh now I can use you right where I have always wanted to!!!!!
I will have a picture of their new home sure to check back!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Meet toad the topiary... 
while at Wal Mart I came across these fun and ugly (but in a fun way) flowers.
glued them on to the ball.....the top half
put into a big white fun vase I got at Ikea and put on my coffee table and so super cute!
doesn't he make the perfect least that is what my boys call it!