Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a quick fix

Some times all you need is a simple quick fix to make it just right....So we came across this amazing box...yes it was an old silver ware box but once I saw it I FELL IN LOVE WITH  IT as it had lots of curves and super cute feet!!!!  I mean who doesn't love cute feet right???

 I left it brown for a while but it just wasn't working....So I busted out the white paint and went to work...then I pulled out the sandpaper...I really wanted to bring out the curves and details.
 Don't you just love my hand model....he was so "helpful" that day...he's so cute! 

So just by changing the color of a piece you can get a totally different look.
oh and yes I added the XI back I just forgot to put it back when I took the picture.  I love the new look as it balances out the top.
This is my helper...and this is really how great he looks when  I am working on something because he can get into whatever he wants if his mom is not paying attention......
what a character

Monday, April 9, 2012

the remake of a pillow

When you find something that you love but it doesn't quite work....well here's a little secret  you can make it work.. so I found this pillow and thought it was super cute only it was to big for the place that I wanted it....
 So I ripped open the bottom and then pulled out the stuffing
 Layed it out to see what would best work
 Next I cut off three inches
 turned it inside out sewed up the two side but left an opening to put the stuffing back in
 turned right side out...stuffed and sewed the bottom closed and ta-da much better

Friday, April 6, 2012

look what i found!!

Check it out!!!
so cute right??? i found it at DI and only for $4.00!!!!
Just a little preview of something I am working it...it's gonna rock!!!
I have a few more things to finish and then I will post what I have been up to!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Star Wars Scripture bags

I can't help myself....when I find "cute" boys fabric which is like never...then I come up with all sorts of ideas what to make for my hansomes....YES I AM A SUCKER for my boys....

 So we had just watched Captain America in the theaters....yes I am behind but slowly getting there....and then while walking around in JoAnns I came across this fabric...what to make what to make....sure why not let's do a scripture bag...then my bag will become a lot smaller without having to carry the boys stuff to Church.
So Ryker my youngest found this fabric and wanted it for him...I prefered matching but whatever.....
 Then of course we came across this fabric and I was a gonner.... so this is what my ryker choose...he is more interested in the Clone Wars Star Wars...
 I made this one as my dummy and i think it's safe to say it didn't turn out too bad.... 

 I made this one for my older son Xander who was so kind to let me pick his fabric...he's so much easier to work with....

This is his Star Wars bag and the ones that will most likely keep for life!


I have made some bags for a few different people and I finally decided to make one for myself...grey and yellow who knew right??? I so love the way it turned out!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Loving being a mom

One of the other main reasons why I didn't post so very much in March is because sometimes you have to take time to just breathe. This is my little breathing machine...Ryker.
 We have had SO much fun building lots of different train tracks....even Cooper our little "rat" got in on the fun.  You know when you get those crazy moments in life when something hits you and you become softer and decide to enjoy what you have NOW rather than keep waiting until the later...well let's just say I have had a lot of those moments in the past month.  The moments when you really enjoy being a mom and being able to stay home and play with your little crazies.  I am so greatful to such a wonderful and hardworking husband who allows me to spend time at home creating and building beautiful bonds with our children...don't get me wrong there were days of complete crazy and not one toy being put away AT ALL...for some odd reason I don't take pictures of those days...probably because they are seared into my mind no matter what and a picture would re-establish it by giving me a visual of how bad it really is...who knows maybe one day I'll surprise you and put those kinds of pictures on...and then you'll die from the shock and horror and then I'll have that on my brain too...

 For now though we are just living life by the seat of our pants...It's nice to not always have a project to do and a task list to accomplish.  It's nice to be able to pull out the toys and just take the time to play...it hit me that I only have 2 more years with my little man before we hit full blown school...then it will be my time. For now I am really enjoying the time that we have and trying to capture every moment and cherish it.  We've also had a lot of fun watching Cars 2  and bringing out our cars collection too...

I mean who can deny this cute face anyways right??

 plus we are wearing out Cooper in the process which is a double bonus!!!!
So here's to you to take the time to breathe and enjoy what you have going on around you!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Holy Friholies...I can't believe yet another month past without a post...I have so much to tell you and so ever so much to show....so for now this will have to peak your curiosity.  I made a cute ruffle pillow for our bed...it needed a little pop
 I thought I had a tutorial to go with it but somehow got ahead of myself and either didn't take the pictures like I thought or totally misplaced them altogether...that's probably another reason why there not much a post in March...nothing seeemed to be working

Thursday, March 1, 2012

THE ROCK STAR lunch box

About  a month ago our oldest switched schools.  No it wasn't planned and no we didn't hate his old school infact we were quite in love with it...so why the change???
That is a question I asked myself for about a week while making the decision.... our answer we had an amazing oppourtunity and we took it. I am ever so glad we did and haven't looked back once...so at our old school they didn't have back packs and so my son had an over the shoulder lunch box that I LOVED...but with taking back packs to school now it just wasn't going to cut it.  Due to the change of schools we had to buy all new supplies and uniforms...can I just tell you how much I LOVE uniforms....ok so is it going to be a white...red...or blue shirt today??? and would you like blue or khaki pants to go with that???  It truly is this mothers dream come true...So when looking for a lunch box  I didn't want to spend a ton...as I already had on everything else so I wen to Down East and found this AWESOME lunch box.....only my son's name isn't David.  He did have a grandpa named David but that's another story for another day...So when I saw that David...the lunch box was only $3.00...it was a now brainer.

 I thought I could just unpick the name....um----yeah not so much so the next best thing was
to pull out some fabric that I had and using the freezer stenciling technique I made his name and used some fabric paint and sponged it on....

 Once that was done I folded it down and sewed it onto his "ROCK STAR" lunchbox!!!!  His name is all shiny and metallic...teeeheee....
Now he has a rockin' new lunch box that fits inside of his Bobba Fett backpack. Killer deal espeically since it's a Pottery Barn Kids lunch box and was a whole lot more than $3.00...