Sunday, October 30, 2011

simple art

I found these lovies at D.I. they were $1.50 each.
My great friend I was shopping with found this amazing book with the maps in it.  Just what I was looking for....
 I sprayed the picture frames a gloss black and put in the maps from the book
 Here they are in there glory and it only cost me about $5.00 for everything.....
love repurposing!!!
 Check this out... I bought a pack of 12x12 canvas at Michaels.  I think they were around $7.00 at most then I found this awesome paper at a local craft store....
 then I cut the paper using my Cricut and one the the cartridges. I painted the canvas gray and sanded down the make it look more distressed....put a layer of Modgepodge on. Next I put the paper over and then put another layer of Modgepodge on and there you go...
instant art

Friday, October 28, 2011

adding appliques to boys clothes

Lately I have been obsessed with adding to the boys clothing....
I found these super cute sweat pants at Old Navy and really didn't find any tops that I loved. So while at Target I found two thermals and bougth them...with an idea in mind. I found a skull and cross bones that I liked printed it off and layed ontop of my gray felt and wonder under.  First I ironed it on and then used a zig zag stitch into place...I love the way it turned son really loved it dispite the look on his face.
Isn't he so cute!!!!  He decided to smile after all
My almost 4 year old is loving that his pants had a "make over". I took a pair of Childrens Place pants and appliqued a spider onto his pants.
This is the other shirt I did for my older son.  I mocked it off of his sweat pants and just used a font that I have on my computer to cut out the top part and drew out a skate board.
Here it is up close
This pair of pants actually used to be his older brothers and I just cut out some cool logos off my three years olds shirt and just ironed on using Wonder Under and sewed right into place....
This is how the pants look before
I cut out skull and cross bones....put over the wool felt and Wonder Under cut those out and then I ironed on so I wouldn't have to worry about the pins getting ran over or constantly breaking needles.  I used a zig zag stitch and stiched into place....I made it so that the stitch was closer together.
 The gray shirt is a passed down from his older brother.  Ryker my 4 year old is obsessed with Captain America and so we decided it was time to recyle the shirt.  I have lots of felt on hand so this project didn't cost a thing and it is his most favorite shirt ever!!!! 
Last of all here is my handsome making sure the fire truck "RED" is looking at the camera.  This is his cutar pants as he calls them rather than guitar.  I had some fleece on hand for this one and used that he so so so loves it because the guitar is soft and fuzzy.  I stitched some lines in the base of the can't see them in the picture...he has a guitar shirt to go with his pants too.  It's safe to say I have been having lots of fun working on their clothes...for now.  My boys especially the "little one" thinks he is such a rockstar now!  It gives me such a smile and satisfaction seeing how excited they get...especially when you take older clothes and make them new again.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is how the nightstands looked in their former glory
as with all's makeover time!!! So I pulled out my nightstands and placed them on top of my drop cloth.
This one  I sprayed it with Krylon spray Primer in Gray

Here is the after....I have a lot more pictures for our room as we are making that over too but will post later....

I used Krylons Classic Gray to finish them off...put the original hardware back on and so am loving it....I hardly have to dust...compared to the black.... which is such a big bonus feature....I love the softness it brings to the room and it just makes them look a lot classier. Did I ever tell you how much I  love taking what I already have and making it look new...yes it is true it's amazing at what paint can do!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

birthday pillowcase

My sister gave me a good idea a while ago to make a birthday pillowcase.  I must admit I have procrastinated for a while since both of my boys have birthdays in the holiday season....
I found this super cute fabric and decided why not.....
SO I cut the top piece use 1/3 yard for the top and 2/3 yard for the bottom.  Measure the width of your pillow and cut accordingly. Fold the top in half and iron.....
and then I cut the middle piece but decided not to use it as I really loved the look of the orange rickrack.  Once your fabric is cut lay your pieces out.  Place the two pieces on top of one another right sides together.   Then you sew the Happy Birthday (top piece) onto the stripes (bottom) fold in half with right sides together and sew up the bottom and the side and you are done. Then I sewed the rick rack right on the top of the where the two pieces meet and wala you are done!
Here it is all boys think it is so cool...that is what it's all about right???

Thursday, October 20, 2011

superman jacket

My handsome little is crazy about superman!  He really wanted a superman jacket and I couldn't find we went to Target and found a gray jacket that would be perfect!!!!!
I cut out a superman logo...then I positioned it for placement.
Next, I put it on top of some red felt and put the wonder under underneath it.....ironed it on the top of the jacket so that I wouldn't have to pin....then I used a zig zag pattern and stitched it into place.....
this is how the finished piece cute right!
He is totally in love with it and I love that he now thinks he is the "SUPERMAN"!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

halloween fun---table runners

My sister wanted me to make a table runner for her for Halloween....boy I didn't realize what a frenzy it would start....what can I say I'm an all or nothing kind of gal.............
I made one for a good friend who has helped me with so much lately!!!
so what can I say I am a sucker for my kids...I mean who isn't right??? Well it's pretty sad when your 4 year old boy asks you to make a table runner for his bedroom. Wow right....well he saw me making one for everyone else and decided he needed some Halloween in his room.  He is so obsessed with Halloween....wonder why!

I made another one for a dear friend who is moving so very far away from me and wanted to give her a reminder of me...ha ha well I just wanted to do something nice!
I had some leftover fabric from last year and really wanted to put it to go use!  I love the way it turned out....the witches are so super cute and I love the green and purple!!!
Then I decided to make a pillow for my mom for her birthday.

Monday, October 17, 2011

the mirror

My mother in law gave us this most amazing mirror and I really love it ....only now it wasn't quite matching the revamp we did so I decided...................
why not spray was very daring but worth a very big risk!!!  I covered the mirror part with an old news paper...some painters coat

and then another and
and this is how it turned love it.  I did decide to distress the corners to give it some depth
don't mind the black trees and the bats and spider webs in the background....:)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

love of lamps

What can I say I am in love with lamps...they are so much fun and you can do so much with them.....I found this baby at D.I. it orginally was orange with no shade....
 a little spray paint a few pieces of duck cloth hot glue gun and here come the ruffles!!!!
 it was so cute that I just had to give it to a friend for her birthday
 Don't you just love the curves this baby has!
 This is now in my husbands was way to cute to pass up I love the ornateness and the glass shade plus it fits so great on his's a little "girly" for him but does the job
 I think this is shade # 4 on this still not just right but it works for now!
Even though the shade is crooked in this picture it is just so cute on the yellow lamp

Where I've been

Wow it's sad that it has been a whole month since my last post.  I wish i could say that i have been doing such amazing things....truth is that I have struggled this whole past month.  I have given myself way too many projects and haven't been able to keep on task.   I have had more than my fair share of self inflicted breakdowns.  I can't keep my head on straight and have been struggling to come up with my "own" ideas.  There are just so many amazing girls out there with these amazing ideas and I can't even seem to come up with anything that cool or original!  Yeah this is where I have been!
I do have lots of things to post and I am hopefully going to pace myself better!  I want to be able to enjoy my children and not yell as I have kept myself to busy with "stuff"! Although I so dearly love doing "stuff".  Thank you to those who have read my blog and hopefully will continue reading it. I promise to do better.....this is me and this is where I've been