Thursday, June 23, 2011

some fun finds

Oh D.I. how I love thee!!! I have found some many fun things lately I can't contain much for going with the very simplified look....arrgh but hey wen you find things like this....who can help themselves right?????
This is by far the coolest toolbox I have ever seen and one day when my littlest of little men gets his own bedroom you know it this baby will be in there!!! oh the possibilities.... but it gets even better there was a sander inside and guess what....okay you will never guess it so i will tell WORKS!!
 cool know you want one!!!!
 wait.....wait there is more....don't you just love it!!!!!  i know cool right....just wait until you see what i did with them!!!!
 Check out this baby...isn't it cool???  Ok so the lampshade was redonated it's a looker alright but not quite what I wanted!!!!  The lamp is freaking awesome.....just you wait until it's revealed...excited right??? ya  I know haha

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