Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dutailier Rocker/ Glider and Ottoman

I am selling my Dutailier Rocker and Ottoman
Newely Reupholstered in a light gray fabric w/cherry stained wood
Rocker reclines and has a knob on the side to lock into place
originally paid $650.00 asking $225.00

                                                         Thanks for stopping by ~ Beckie

Small nightstand

This small nightstand is painted grey with black  underneath
Has two drawers with silver swirls for knobs
asking $30.00 {SOLD}
                                                       22 1/2 H x 15 1/4 d x 27 1/4 W

will be sold as is
                                                                 thanks for stopping by

Items for sale take two

Items for sale
contact uniqueboutique@live.com or leave a message through facebook

                                                         2 boxes 9 H  x 10 1/2 L x 6 W set $15.00
                                                           Big spool $6.00  8 W x 9 1/2 H
Thanks for stopping by ~ Beckie

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Items for sale

I forgot to add contact info
email uniqueboutique@live.com or send a message to me on facebook

 Zebra man $6.00 {SOLD}
 Family Home Evening board $7.50

 Monkey quilt $45.00.... I paid over $100.00 to just have it quilted and the monkies sewn in
 Quilt is for a twin bed... red border with a cream and red monkey pattern in the middle
 There are monkies sewn around the whole border and bound in a red/black/cream stripe

Items for Sale half price

Occassionally I will have items for sale. 
If you are interested email me @ uniqueboutique@live.com.
Items will be sold on first come first serve basis.
                            Set of trees $20.00  24" tall now $10.00

        Thanks for stopping by ~ Beckie

I mean who doesn't love Thomas

For the Thomas lover what's better than having some pillowcases!  Ryker is in total heaven!

Distressing a frame

One of my most favorite things is taking something that I own and giving it a new look
This time I thought i would distress a frame. 
Once it was black and then I sprayed it grey
but all the detail  to stand out
I took a damp paper towel and put white paint on it then I started to rub it all over the frame

 Then just let it dry....here is what it looks like

Here it is all done!!! 

How to make a three slot laundry organizer tutorial

Okay so once upon a time we bought this amazing laundry organizer from Target and we so LOVE it but after having it for 8 years it was starting to fall apart.................funny how things do that over time
as you can see it has really seen better days...you like the holes and stains and how it has amazingly shrunk like crazy in the time we've had it
So I got a bright idea to make new compartments.  I bought some grey duckcloth--- I wanted something really strong so it wouldn't rip.  I measured my previous one but wanted to make this a little different, longer and three separate compartments.  So here we go......
The measurements are as follows....
The front is 30 x 13 1/2  you will need to cut 6 of these
The sides are 30 x 9  you'll need to cut 6 of these
The bottom is 13 1/2 x 9   you need to cut three of these
 Next I started by by pinning the bottom to the front and back
 here is a little clearer picture of taking the bottom piece and pining it to the sides
 Then I used a serging stitch to really make sure it holds in place
 Then I pinned on the the front and back and sewed the bottom only on all four sides
Then I pinned up the sides and sewed those
 Here is a picture of how well the corners lined up1
 Once it is all done turn inside out and attach the ties to it.  I measured 4 inches down and sewed them in place to reinforce ( to make the ties I cut some material 2 1/2 inches by 9 long and folded in half and in half again (the width that is) and top stitched) 
 The I rolled the top down and down again to the four inch mark and topstitch over it
 Here is the finished product....so love it                                              Here is a side view
Ta Da so much better than before and I love having them extra deep as it holds more clothes and look no stains gotta love it

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mat Makeover with Fabric

I had a brilliant idea the other day to take a picture frame and give a new look with the use of some fabric!!  That way you can update your frames without having to pay a fortuane for new matts.  All you need is a frame with a mat (haha) funny how that works
I pulled out the mat and measured it.

Next I layed some fabric over and cut out the middle and left enough to fold over...this was my mock trial as I only had enough fabric to make two of the correct ones and couldn't afford a sew up so here we are....
Then I took my "real" fabric and went to work.  I folded and taped as I went along...I used a strong double sided sticky tape and used that to hold my fabric in place
Here is a picture of how the backside of how the insides looked taped...make sense right???
                                                                This is the new mat
I sprayed the outside of my frames to a cream and then add the mat to the inside
The finished product...I ended up doing two frames so I could have picts of my two cute boys
Here it is my two cute little men in the "NEW" look

Tissue Paper Wreath

I must admit that I love looking at Sausha's blog show and tell and had to do the Tissue Wreath!  She did hers in White and well since I didn't have anything for St Patricks day I decided to make on in green!  Go check out her amazing blog and the tutorial for the wreath.  I just took a few pictures just for fun to show you how easy it was....btw I used a 14" wreath form!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

St Patricks Table Runner tutorial

I had this marvelous idea of making a table runner for St. Pattys while at the fabric store talking with my friend.  She said she wanted to make a table runner and I thought I would get some fabric and see what all I can come up with.... so the story goes......I wasn't to sure what to do at first but must say I am loving the end product!!!!!
I came up with the idea in my brain and got to work.... 
Frist I printed off a few different shapes of clovers off the computer and layed it over my fabric and wonderunder and then cut out
Once all my clovers were cut I layed them out on the main piece of fabric for my runner
which is 13x32.

Next I ironed them on so they stay in place before I sew them (a whole lot less pining and my sewing machine greatly thanks me for this)

 Next I sewed a zigzag stich around all my clovers to give a little distinction then i put the backing on of my runner...lined up and attached my binding to it and sewed that on with a zigzag stitch as well
Wala! here it is all done I sew (haha) love it