Friday, April 29, 2011


So here it is I NEED HELP!  Yes I need HELP!  Here it is.....My newest blog crush made a major announcement and I SO WANT TO WIN!!!! I never win anything so I am praying like a mad-man that I can get have the AMAZING AND OH SO TALENTED MANDI...well I let her tell the details..

I get to come to your house and redo a room!!!

Introducing the:
[Giveaway-Button7.png] I never ask for help but here it I am begging for Help from my superhero and new BFF Mandi - she just doesn't know we are BFF's yet---but she will ha ha!  We were made of the same mold only she is the advanced version of AMAZING!!!!! 

 So it all started with  selling my kitchen table and chairs.  I found an amazing one at DI that currently is under revampification!!!!  While undertaking this on this table project I have decided it is time for an overhaul!  This is where Mandi comes in....she ROCKS at everything and I love love love love love..... did I say love .....her style!

.....Why I need Mandi....well because how often do you get a ROCKSTAR at your house! 
Why Mandi should come and redo my kitchen/family room......
#1 We have 3 DI's close by
#2 I love to revamp junk
#3 I live in it's realitively close kind of......
#4 My hot and oh so handsome husband works and goes to school while supporting a wife and two crazy and oh so cute little boys--- so the budget is NON-EXISTANT!
#5 So we can have GIRLS night EVERY NIGHT!!!!!
#6 Because we are free to PAINT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!!!!!!!
#7 So I can quit stocking her blog....or stock it even more!!!!
#8 Because MY 10 year anniversary is MAY 4th ---that is when the top 10 will be announced!!!!
#9 Because Krylon and myself have become new BFF's
#10 My summer is wide open and I am a very HARD worker---because revamping and painting are my PASSION ----it gets the old blood a pumping!!!!!

The task at hand....redo everything!!!!!  Why I need Mandi because her colors rock!
We can reupholster chairs...revamp everything that is in sight.....have lots and lots of fun
Repaint walls....everything !!!
since the kitchen and living room flow into one another this room would be ideal too!  Mandi you can paint anything and everything you see....yes I even have permission to paint my mantel!!!!!
I have tried mixing some colors and have stopped half way through! I am not sure which way to proceed and would love some expert ideas!!!
the sky is the limit here ---let's do this!
I have chairs I just purchased at DI that are just chilling in my garage! 
 Because I want to be you....see I couldn't find any cool mirrors so I had to substitute with silver plates instead but love the outcome!
Thanks Mandi for just being amazing and for sharing your fantastic ideas with the world! You rock and then some!!!!!! I so hope we can hang out and have lots of fun!! Plus my entry # is 96 and that is the year I graduated ---it's meant to be!!!!!


  1. Love it!!! I hope you win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hope you win, lady....I would love to see it all....

  3. My husband and I's 4th anniversary is May 3rd! I love your kitchen and think it looks nice.

  4. So hope you win lady! You are awesome and are amazing at what you do and fun for you to get with another great creative mind to make new creations!

  5. I vote for you!! Love you! You so deserve this! (I hope your anniversary is wonderful too :)

  6. Good Luck Beckie!! I hope you will! Ha!