Thursday, April 28, 2011

My octogonal table

On Monday we went to lunch with our friend for her birthday and while in Rexburg I just had to visit their DI as our is lacking in creative finds!  So while there I came across this and just knew I had to have it....well I didn't buy it on Monday and by Tuesday I had this great vision for some storage up in the boys playroom.  So I went and picked it up on Tuesday and talked them down in price as the top was water damaged and there was a slight buckle on the side!
After sanding.....then priming.....then painting green and not loving it so much....then I painted a taupe over it...then I glazed with a black and was too impatient for it to dry so while rubbing I took off some paint down to the primer and well for now it will be just fine.
I added some new hardware to it and Ta-Da!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I ALWAYS see these and HATE them. Now you have made them the thing and everyone will be looking! Thanks for lunch! You are my bright spot! Love ya...