Sunday, April 10, 2011

Latest finds....I can't help myself

So today I decided that I am no longer a no holds bar....I am me and now I am going to let the fear of having this perfect blog and being a perfect blogger go!  This is me take it or leave it!   I mean this is me I love to craft redesign come up with new ideas mimick other peoples ideas...I wish I loved to read or excercise like my amazing friends but this is me! Painting furniture a new color gets my blood pumping my heart racing and adrealine screaming! It makes me more alive than anything else well other than seeing  my hot and oh so handsome husband but hey we won't go there!
I love thrift shopping I love to take the old and make it old new!  I love to hunt for deals and new old things ....make sense good I am glad!
While at DI the other day i came across some goodies!  
I love the plaid and the colors they are so  cute and will be great for the dresser I don't have for Rykers room he doesn't have but when you see the vision you do so you just have to buy! am i right or am i right???? 
 Then on our glorious trip to Wal Mart I found both of these for $5.00.  SO of course I had to buy especially after buying the cute suitcases for a room he still doesn't have but one day and we will be ready!!!! ha ha!

I came across this fabric and oh must have too as it was on a major sell...don't worry one day you will see it come to life it maybe a while but mark my words you will see it !
i know i know your real worried right????


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!! ♥♥♥ I might ask to borrow those suitcases for a photo shoot. LOL!

    Love it all!!!

  2. you bet you are more than welcome too!