Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hooded towel

Okay so i am back....back from spring cleaning out my house!  I just realized that you know what i have a lot of stuff. no I am not moving I just got a bug and decided to do it before i chickened out so here i am....back to the hooded towels
First things first I have made these before but they were when my boys were itty bitty and I used a washcloth....well now that they are big it just doesn't work so well anymore!  So we moved on up to a hand towel and it cut it in half of the length that is! 
Then i pinnned it back about four inches 
  tried it on my little mans head before sewing...looks good
Sewed into place
 grabbed my new little mans awesome towel he picked out...they are the beach towels
 folded in half and pinned the handtowel in place
 like so
 then sewed together...cut loose strings..flipped inside out and wala!
xan has a big head so I only pinned his back 2"

 my cute little models aren't they great!
Ta da now you are all finished and ready to roll!

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