Monday, August 1, 2011

meet claw....

once upon a time my husband and i came across the COOLEST claw foot bathtub ever seen....but we didn't have room in the house we were renting so we passed on it and have thought about our cute little tub ever since...okay maybe not ever since but we VOWED that if we ever came across a claw footed anything again we would so buy it!!! This was a must....
well while out shopping at our local D.I. I came across this baby
...he came with a set of 6 chairs....the chairs are in the right corner and well they didn't really go with the table but it came as a set and so anyways they had it marked at $150.00. I almost died....yes I am thrifter thrifty by heart and that was a TON of money to me especially for D.I.  I talked with the hubs and wanted to see what he thought because we have a rule that you don't spend over $20.00 without consulting the other.....after a long time thinking...yea like 2 hours at D.I. because I couldn't get a hold of him and then running home to measure it.....we decided to get it!!! (wow that was a really long story and you are probably sleeping now so I will spare the rest of the details)
so here he is in his fotmer glory
plus he is an amazing round table which we have been dying to have as it maximizes our space so without further least that is what my boys call him
up close
he came with two leaves....which is perfect for the holidays
here he is all sanded and ready to our makeshift spray felt like we were working on a set of CSI or something....
check out those legs...aren't they fab!!!!
first we sprayed it white from our primer....(note to self don't use Gripper it totally didn't bond we found that out the hard way and actually had to do the top not only once but twice....use Kliz)
then we sprayed the top with a dark gray
then we sprayed the bottom an off white so loving the legs!!!!
then i used a black glaze and rubbed it all over the bottom of the table to really bring out the details....he is so gave me lots to work with
don't you just love the feet....
here's the bottom again....just can't get enough...
when we FINALLY got the table done and put inside our house my boys... 7 and 3 came downstairs and said " we finally have a table and it has feet!" My 3 year old said "dats cool feet mom.....let's call him claw" 
 here he is inside...not too sure what the flowers were doing on top but it's all about the table anyways right????? 
 For some reason my pictures are crazy but you may or maynot be able to tell but we actually changed the top to black.....oh indecisiveness...actually we went to add the poly---that's when it all bubbled up thanks to our awesome primer so we had to strip back to the raw wood and then start all over.....all i can say is thank heavens for Kilz....I didn't take any pictures of that as it was VERY painful!  I have NEVER in my crazy life worked on a project for SO SO SO super long!!!!
 Isn't he loverly???

so a little recap from this.......

 to this. Don't you just love the new look???? can't wait to show you the rest of the kitchen....ran into a few problems so hopefully it will be ready to post the on the weekend!!


  1. awesome great work, i am working two tables at the moment, going to put glass tile on one of them going to look great.

  2. Love it lady...You'll go into business when your kids are all off to college!