Tuesday, July 26, 2011

kitchen makeover part 1

When you can't beat 'em....join 'em...am I right or am I right????  So this is what happens when you check one to many blogs you start to get way to many ideas.....
so I decided to start a major revamp...why you may ask???? Why not??? haha.....ha
So it begins.....
yeah you know you have to check the paint samples on the while for a while only thing is is that my two paint samples are yeah pretty much way to similar so you can't tell anyways but it was the thought that counts right?
Then this is what happens when you have a girls night and spend the whole entire day looking for a motorcycle helmet for your 7 year old who has an incredibly BIG head!!!!!  So you leave the primer on the wall and your painters tape up....let's just say it adds for interesting conversation.
So I am sowly learning how to take good pictures but I painted my walls from a tan to a white light gray can't really tell though can you??????
Cabinets before so loving but actually hating as the distressed is stressing me out....oh bother!!!!
Then....this is how my brain works....it's all over the place can you tell but that is actually how I get things done.......so I decided why not take it to the top! 
I love the new look with the stencils that you see on Mandi's Vintage Revival blog only I don't have flat walls mine are super duper super textured.....sore subject we won't go there!  So this is my little area to play with....
So I pulled out my handy dandy Cricut (can you tell we have been watching Blues Clues) and went to work...I love this design it's just refreshing....so I took my little pencil and traced it onto my walls ...I had to prove to myself that I could infact paint in lines....that's pretty big for me...actually i just wanted to stencil some just to say I did...
so you can't really tell but if you could see it you would notice the wonderful tracing I did....yes I feel like my soon to be second grader.....bragging of his latest accomplishements
So here it looks after my wonderful hand painting.....yes I did it time to check that off the list....one for the record books!
Here it is all done....don't worry if you are having a heart attack that the cabinets no longer go with the paint...I'm working on it...one thing at a time....I can't wait to show you but am still trying to figure out the hardware and just can't show you until it's complete...weird I know but hey that's me!
So here is a better look at the cabinets and beadboard....just you wait your socks will be blown off!
Here is a little preview that infact the cabinets are being made over.....
to be continued.....


  1. did I miss girls night AGAIN!?!?! drats. can't wait to see what you're doing!!!