Tuesday, August 30, 2011

kitchen makeover part 2

So you remember how I told you that I have already painted my newly painted kitchen.... yes I have completely lost my mind!!! sometimes that's what you have to do to make sure that everything is just perfect....or something like that! I have driven myself mad by constantly looking at it and realizing something wasn't quite right! Then while talking with a good friend she mentioned I that maybe I needed was something with more contrast...boy was she right!! I am completely in love with the new look.... I finally realized that I needed a warmer gray to really make it work! 
I added a lot more white accents to my shelves and what wasn't white I sprayed it white......thank heavens for spray paint
I decided to take off the orange leaves up top to make it more simple but it was a great experience to do it once
I love the more contemporary look with little pops of orange here and there

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