Tuesday, August 9, 2011

kitchen makeover revealed

wow this has been the total remake!!!  It took a whole lot longer than expected but i am learning that this is just how it goes with me lately!!!  A lot of people have asked why mess with your kitchen...we love it....
Well when i see something that i love i JUST have to try it out...and so the story begins
  for starters i decided to paint the bar area black...that was about the only thing that went perfect on this revamp!!! arggghhh!!!
 this would be every cushion and pillow I own that my little handsomes decided to turn into a fort!!!!
 aren't they so cute? I couldn't help but put some of thier cuteness in...I am ever so glad that they are having the time of their lives while their mother is busily painting away.
 While in the midst of our redo I decided that I wanted to have some liners for my pots and pans. I decided to take some old fabric (that was actually our bedspread at one time) and make some liners so my freshly painted cupboards wouldn't get scratched. 
 I measured all the areas first and cut the fabric. I bought some felt by the yard first so i would be big enough and i wouldn't have to piece it and second so that when I slid my pots and pans on it wouldn't scratch the paint.  Then I used the Elmers spray glue and stuck them together and then sewed 1/4" around all the edges so it would be extra sturdy. ( I hope all this made sense my mind is going a million miles a min right now) 
 most of the supplies I had so it was a very inexpensive way to make liners and if they get dirty through in the wash and clean and if you just are sick of them...throw away.
 Drum roll.........please...........................Here it is the new look.....

some of my favorite pieces
from this....to this

this ............................to this

this...............to this...amazing what color will do right?????


  1. I LOVE IT!!! Your liners turned out FAB...the whole thing turned out FABULOUS!!! Way to go!

  2. I love it! I'm going to be doing a kitchen redo myself starting with a table and chairs and then cupboards. I thought I'd start with the table and then venture to the cupboards. Great job and thanks for the inspiration! It looks great!

  3. You must feel so accomplished. You are wonderful. Good job, Mrs. Amazing...

  4. I honestly thought you were crazy to redo your kitchen again so soon, BUT I love the new look and I love the more minimalist feel you brought to a space that has A LOT to it, which might, in some cases, begin to feel cluttered. Now it's much more streamlined. LOVE IT!

  5. It looks amazing. I must come see it in person soon. Way to go Beckie!