Sunday, August 14, 2011


Xanders friend Ellie had her baptism last Saturday and the orginal project I was going to due went South as it just wasn't working....that seems to be my thing we came up with an idea for Ellie's room.  It is pink and green.  We managed to match her color of green perfectly thanks to Krylon.....

 I ran out of time to take before pictures as we only got this done 5 min before the baptism.  Sometimes that is just the way my brain works and I just go with it....I have all week to think about it and my BRILLIANT ideas only come the last min! What can I say you just roll with the punches right????  So anyways the top frame was a dark brown and the bottom frame was gold. I picked both up at DI for 2.50.
 Next I used my Cricut to cut the vinyl and letters and the flowers too!  Love my Cricut.  I had Xan help me pick the paper and the only thing I wished we would have changed is the background it's too busy for what we had going on....but what can you do right????
I went back and traced around the bloom with black marker so it would outline it a lot more...sorry no picture!
I loved the way this frame had three slots to do the flowers in...all in all it turned out ok!

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