Thursday, August 25, 2011

Menu board

Okay so let me first just say I totally suck at updating!  It's something that drives me crazy and I have so so so much to post but can't stop at what I am currently doing!!!!!  Once I start something I hate to stop...I hate to take the time to eat and pay attention to my sleep and sometimes even to breathe!!!  It drives me absolutely crazy...I have spent so much time picking the "correct" paint colors...what looks good on one girls blog doesn't quite work with I found out...more about that later...yeah I have already repainted my freshly painted kitchen...that's my next post!  More or less what I am trying to say is that I will do better and post as I go rather than wait forever to post everything at one time!

 So once upon a time my old kitchen had more of this theme....but it doesn't now.  So I decided time for a little refresher!  I love the menu board and use it all the time so I couldn't just justify getting rid of it!
 So I grabbed some Halloween paper and measured the rooster area that I wanted to cover and cut out accordingly!  Yeah I am retarded and can't cut straight so I used my sewing mat and ruler to get it straight!  That's how I roll....
 Then I used my handy dandy Cricut and cut out the words Menu
I took some glass beads added a little Modgepodge glued on the magnets and stuck on the magnet board
here it is in all it's glory!! I love repurposing!!! Sometimes all you need is a little makeover to give something a completely new look!

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