Thursday, September 1, 2011

the living room make over

So have you been wondering what I have been working on lately and why I have slacked off on posting...well here it is so can you tell that I am obssessed with gray lately.. 
Amazing what a little change in color and accessories can do eh?
  It's safe to say that the turquoise and red didnt' last to terribly long....but I am loving the gray and yellow...I reupholstered the ottaman in a pale yellow fabric...
I sprayed all the frames a white and revamped the lamps...sprayed my clock and picture frame white
(don't quite know what happened to the picture on the right)

it stands out a lot more with the gray then it did the taupey yellow this
still a work in progress... I took a risk and sprayed my mirror so payed off!!!
some of my most favorite pieces....

  from the jungle

to the classic


  1. What an incredible transformation. You are such a decorating diva! I love everything about this room!

  2. Love it! You're amazing. I hang pictures on my wall once and call it good for years and years. Ha ha!