Monday, July 4, 2011

Numbered tins

When you live in a house that isn't big you learn how to use every space possible for storage.  This is the case with me...I have a dear friend who was very surprised to learn that all of our decorations also double as storage too....
I have had these tins for a while and they were brown then I got a bright idea to spray them cream.  They function not only as cute decorations but they hold a variety of things like Nerf bullets, matches, candles and napkin rings

My 7 year old is constantly looking for his Nerf bullets so I decided it was time to pull out the Cricut and get busy....I cut out some white vinyl and numbered my tins.

I chose a type font I liked and numbered them from one to three. 
I put the vinyl on top of the tins
sprayed them my new favorite color....grey and
here is how to looks no.  Cute right???
No it's a lot easier to find our hidden treasures....No. 1 holds the candles and matches No.2 hold the magical Nerf bullets (so they aren't scattered all over our house)
 and No. 3 holds the napkin rings. 

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