Saturday, July 9, 2011

reupholserting a chair

While on a shopping trip at our local D.I. (thrift store) I came across the perfect chair...or should I say three chairs.  This is how they started out a true beauty eh????  I know I know a true looker right?
after a few hours and I do mean a few hours of massive brain power thinking through how to disassemble and reassemble this chair I started to get to work.
This is a back view of the looker great right?  You have to get the full effect before the complete tear down.
So let the games begin.  I grabbed a pair of pliers, some scissors, a knife, a screwdriver and got to work.  I love love love taking something old and making it new.
I took off the first layer and pulled out the cushions then I started with the inside of the back part.
When you look at the bottom of your chair you should be able to find the screws and unscrew the seat.  Once you get that off you start to get to the bare bones.
Once you have all the pieces off then you can get to the fun part.  The start of the rebuild that is my favorite.
So to start off with I took my chairs outside and started priming.  Hint use Krylon spray primer but you want to make sure to shake it for about 60 seconds otherwise I found out it comes out grainy...not so good!
Here it is in all it's glory....primed glory!
Then I sprayed with Krylon's smoke see two chairs because yeah I like a challenge and decided to tackle three...what was I thinking you may ask?  Not so sure.
So here is the "guts" to the chair.  I kept the cushions.....don't worry I shampood  the heck out of these babies....I didn't want to look forever to find new cushions...and the top was already predrilled for the buttons...
You like right?  Time to get to work...again
So here is a valuable lesson to pass on....first trace your previous pieces onto out butcher paper...that way if you get it wrong or screw up then you only waste paper and not fabric...especially when you don't have enough I said a little bit of info....found out the hard way.  So long story short lay out your pieces onto you fabric and then cut out.
I always work from front to I started with the seat and recovered with batting and the fabric then stapled into place.
Then I took the seat base set that back on to make sure that it fit before going to the next's looking good right????  Well we can't stop there so here we go....
Then I took my back outside piece and started to staple into place 
Here is the back view
Once that was done I got busy on the front part...I started to staple in the middle and then work my way out....
Once I got the top piece on then I worked on my piping to close up the gaps.  This I hot glued into place.
Here it is all done....ha ha tricked ya didn't's almost done it just needs it's cushion.....
From orange gross velvet to gray zebra quite a transformation right??? it is a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of work!!!!

here is a closer view of the buttons.
easy peasy right???  Just remember when you take a chair apart make sure to # the pieces the way you took can take whatever makes it easy for you to remember ..... and then just make sure to put the pieces back in the opposite order you took off.


  1. I am doing this to a chair I recently found at the D.I. as well. Thanks for this post, it will help me a lot!

  2. You would laugh to see the easy job I am doing on my couch! Oh well, we can't all have talent! Love love love it!

  3. Great job Beckie:) You are a very talented lady! Re-upholstering can be so much fun...and a great way to save some money. You ROCK girlie:)