Wednesday, July 6, 2011

rooster art

While shopping the other day at Habitat for Humanity I came across some cabinets and just couldn't help myself. So I purchased all three....
Then as I sat staring at them I finally came across an idea.....
I flipped them over so I had some detail showing through.
Then I sanded enough to take the finish off the top
I used putty to fill in the holes so it would be flat
Next I used a two coats of primer
I used my Cricut and some vinyl  to make the rooster ....
layed it on top and painted over....(was in a hurry so I forgot to take my pictures...but you get the general idea) then I peeled back my vinyl and this is what I came up with....
I wanted to distress it just a tad so I used 220 grit sandpaper and went to it.
Here is a closer picture of a few areas that I distressed...the white underneath is the primer showing through...
Here it is on my shelf in my Kitchen
Then I decided to do another one for my mother in law for her birthday...I so love the way that it turned out
Her kitchen has a lot of black and at first I painted it black then used some red and once I had it covered in the red I used a bunch of paper towels and wiped off so the black would show through

Finally I used some sandpaper to distress it as well and especially around the handle area

For hers I just cut out black vinyl and layed it on top of the cabinet door and added a fun hardware
Here is the finished product

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  1. seriously!!! Could you be any more AWESOME!!!!