Thursday, October 20, 2011

superman jacket

My handsome little is crazy about superman!  He really wanted a superman jacket and I couldn't find we went to Target and found a gray jacket that would be perfect!!!!!
I cut out a superman logo...then I positioned it for placement.
Next, I put it on top of some red felt and put the wonder under underneath it.....ironed it on the top of the jacket so that I wouldn't have to pin....then I used a zig zag pattern and stitched it into place.....
this is how the finished piece cute right!
He is totally in love with it and I love that he now thinks he is the "SUPERMAN"!


  1. I love this idea!!! My boys would, too. :) I need more hours in a day. :)

  2. You are a genius and I so want a jacket like this now....

  3. i am gonna try this trick, it is really awesome thanks Beckie :)

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