Sunday, October 16, 2011

love of lamps

What can I say I am in love with lamps...they are so much fun and you can do so much with them.....I found this baby at D.I. it orginally was orange with no shade....
 a little spray paint a few pieces of duck cloth hot glue gun and here come the ruffles!!!!
 it was so cute that I just had to give it to a friend for her birthday
 Don't you just love the curves this baby has!
 This is now in my husbands was way to cute to pass up I love the ornateness and the glass shade plus it fits so great on his's a little "girly" for him but does the job
 I think this is shade # 4 on this still not just right but it works for now!
Even though the shade is crooked in this picture it is just so cute on the yellow lamp

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