Thursday, May 19, 2011

a Little Redo...gone wrong

I found this vase at DI for $1.50 and really liked it....I don't have room but wanted to buy it to give to my mother in law since it's her style!!!
 So I first painted a gray and then wipped black all over it and then white washed it.   It turned out not quite as expected but it turned out!!!!!!

I took my rooster and well tried to make him look aged!

 Next I rubbed black all over  him....should have stopped there but kept going
 Then I used a red and put where the black didn't cover and then painted black again and then rubbed a watered down white all over it
 here it is ...sometimes things just don't go the way you want but it's important to keep trying and then you will find that somedays they turn out just perfect too......just keep trying!!!!!

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