Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Revamping a lamp

There is nothing I love more (okay other than my family) than taking something old and making it new again....
so in the quest to redo our house I decided to start with my lamp... I so dearly love has such great lines and structure and so much detail.
  I tried to revamp the lamp shade ......didn't really turn out the way I had planned
took this baby + some grey paint + white paint+ a new lamp shade ( a $3.00 find at di that I was going to totally reconstruct but actually fell in love with it once it was on) = this baby!
I realized that I loved the original lamp shade it's more the look we are going for.  You know the clean...simple...I can breathe look so I recovered it white linen fabric.  Nothing says clean like linen ha ha but I love that it's simple well it was until....

 (front view)
 now.  Then I decided to jazz it up a bit and added some gray ribbon on the top and bottom to try to cover my mistakes.....
 To finish it off i added a row of rosettes and put pearls on each to make it stand out a little bit more....not the best picture sorry
 The finished the way it turned out!!!!
 Ta-da finally something in this house that is girly......who would have thought in a house full of boys!!!!

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  1. I so want to learn how to make those roses! It is so cute Becky!