Saturday, November 20, 2010

Star Wars Room

My oldest boy who is 7 is absolutely obessed with Star Wars and we decided it was time to revamp the room from a jungle theme which happened to be his nursery to something that was a little more him.  Too bad for his younger brother who has been brain washed into loving Star Wars whether he likes it or not.
Here is one of the main walls.  His little brother loves to sit and read so we put the rocking chair in there where he can just read his books.  Next to it is a little night stand with a lamp and a place he can put his books!  Nothings says Star Wars like a bunch of globes and sphere shapes...well at least according to me!
Here is a closer picture.  I took a bunch of old frames that we had sprayed them black and added different sizes of Star Wars pictures and posters.
 And a big R2D2 which is their favorite character!    We used a Vader trick or treat can for a decoration and it actually holds their "stuff" too!

My oldest had to add a little decor by adding some tear out posters to the back of the door but hey it's his room so it works!  We used his Lego ships from last Christmas for decorations too as he thinks it is super cool and he can play with them and then put it back

They have a bench in their room....something just a little different to give a fun element so they can use to sit on while getting dressed or to just take a break and relax

We like to use some of their toys to decorate with so they feel really included in the process

This was a fun project to do and adds different colors, textures and shapes to the room.  All you need is four pieces of wood the same size...some fabric and a staple gun.  Put some batting over the wood and wrap your fabric around...staple and  you have instant art!

The boys lair

                               Their favorite place to hang out and look out the window. 
A good friend of mine took these pictures of my boys

           I made this duvet cover for my boys beds that they use a lot in winter time
                       A friend of mine's mother in law embrodiered these pillows for my boys

                    Some fun added elements to make the room super fun for any Star Wars fan!

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