Monday, November 22, 2010

Rectangular Centerpiece

This past week I had the great oppourtunity to make this fun gift for a good friend of mine! She was having a Bridal Shower and rather than the traditional gifts I decided to come up with this!  Not being able to remember if she had a long table I decided to make something that wouldn't take too much space!
So I firsto took and cut out my fabric to size

Then here it is again my fun tree shape.  Yes it is simple shapes using Windows but hey it works so well

Next I pinned onto fabric to cut out

Once positioned I iron on place.  I am telling you Wonderunder is the BEST ever!
Then i sewed on top using a zig zag stitch to hold fabric into place.

Then I pinned on the rick rack to make sure I have it tacked where I want it

Then i add the bottom piece on and sew together

Then I flipped inside out and sewed bottom close  
I added a button on top of the trees for a little something extra and there you go! 
It is as simple as that


  1. And OH so perfect for little spots and non-long tables! Thanks cutie...Love it!

  2. It is beautiful!! I love that I have crafty friends. All of the cute things in my house come from other people! Love ya!!