Monday, November 22, 2010

Revamping a pillow case

                  This year I decided to add a little flair to my boys Christmas pillowcases. 
Then I printed off a tree and a snowman as per request of my boys.  Then cut out.  That will be my patterns for the projects.

                                         Once cut out pin onto a piece a felt  and cut out
I pinned a smaller one onto some fabric and cut that out
You can never go wrong with rick rack....I like to use Jumbo with pillowcases

                                                     First I pinned on the rick rack
Then I sewed it on

                                                             using just a straight stitch
Next I positioned on the tree where I wanted it

Then I use the iron to iron on
Use wonderunder to help it stay in place and iron on makes it a lot me!
For some reason I decied to pin on the second layer and sewed that on

Ta da here is the FINAL piece!

                                                     Doesn't that look so much better?????
                                                     Here is the up close and personal

For the second pillowcase I added some fabric instead of rick rack
 so I first started by tearing off the top
Next I cut some black fabric 2 1/2 inches by width of pillowcase and ironed in half.  Then I inserted it between the top and bottom of pillowcase.  Then sew all three together and flip inside out.
I added the snowman on like I did with the tree

Then I used some left over rick rack for the scarf and sticthed into place.  For the eyes and the buttons I used embroidery floss and did several french knots.
Hope you enjoy!!!

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