Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sew Fun

Xander came up with this idea for his little buddies birthday!  I was pretty impressed....he helped come up with the design and then I came up with the colors and fabric! Krew loves skulls!  When I asked Xan what we should buy for his friend his reply was, "Mom can you make something?" Me: "Xander don't you want to buys something this time." Xander: "No mom you can make anything!  I really want you to make something!  You make everything....will you PLEASE make him something." ME: "Xan I will if you tell me what you want and help me with it!"

Well for some reason I don't have a great picture of  R2 D2 looking at the camera but I thought I would show the costume that I made for him this year.  It was a very last minute idea but I have to say I loved how well it turned out and yes there wasn't a pattern!  It was all free hand~I am in love with felt for now at least!
This is a little better picture of our R2D2.  I made my ObiWan's Jedi robe with some help from my friend Clancy.  For some reason the hood and I were at war!  Thanks Clancy for your help you are the best!

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  1. You all look fabulous! I was happy to help. It was fun to hang out and my kids now ask all the time when we can go play at Xander's house again! :)