Monday, November 22, 2010

The Ornament table runner

I love the Holidays especially Christmas!  I love the bright colors and have become obsessed with all the fun shapes of the ornaments!  I mean have you walked into Target lately?  They have all these amazing shapes made of paper hanging from their ceiling and it just makes the place so much more magical!   So I had a BRILLIANT idea to make a table runner using some of my most beloved shapes and designs of my favorite ornaments!
This is what I came up with!  I must admit I love it ~ yes I am a little biased!  But after debating what to do for a week and a half I am pleased with the way it turned out!
First things first....I enlarged a a design that I found at a craft store and fell in love with

Then I cut out a circular oval to go behind it

Next I cut out the third shape of my table runner and pinned onto my fabric and cut out two of those as they are a little bit bigger

                                     Then I cut out my fabric for the front side 14 x 36
Then I positioned onto the runner and used wonder under and cut according to the shapes above and then i ironed on.  Next I used a zigzag stitch for the big ornaments to keep them in place

For the outside of the smaller ornaments I used a  applique stitch to make them look like a more like an oranment and to make it look more polished
Once I sewed on the big ornaments and the small ones on I layed out the table runner

Then I drew on the hooks using a blue maker that washes away with water

Then I put the second piece of the small oranments into place.  Then I ironed them on to the first piece.  Then I sewed them on using a zig zag stitch to keep in place and give it a finished look.
Once all that was done I cut out the binding using some left over green fabric that I had.  I cut it 2 1/2 inches by the width and lenght of the runner. Then I sewed together to make one long piece.  Then i folded in half and in then folded the two sides into the middle and ironed it.  Next I pinned it around the raw edges and sewed it on using a zig zag stitch.

Here is a better picture of the middle

and the side to show the details a little better you can see the zig zag stitch a little better on the big and small oranments.
One thing I forgot to do was to take a picture while I embroidered the hook.  I used a backstitch  stitch and used a metallic silver thread to give it a "realistic" look.

                                                                    Here it is again! 
For the backside I used this fun tree fabric that I had and here it is with the binding on
I hope you like my latest creation!
Happy Holidays

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