Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So love is in the air

It's that time of year for lots of love...I am in love with love and in love with Valentines day because it is one day out of the whole entire year that you can focus on giving extra love and loving your loved one lots!!!!

While at my sisters house for Christmas she showed me these amazing towels that she made...and I dediced that I would make some for Valentines Day.

 So what you need is some flour sack my case I bought a package of 4 from Target for $4.00. Then I took different pieces of fabric...between 1/8 yd and 1/4 yd and sewed them on...some I did just a straigth pieces of fabric and others i gathered to make ruffles from.  Then I added differnt pieces of ribbon...some straight..some rick rack and pompoms.  There really isn't a speicific way to do this other than to have lots of fun!

 With the left over fabric I decided to make a table runner....being the only girl in this house i love that I can decorate with lots of reds and pinks...another reason why it's my favorite time of year!!!

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