Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm back

So where have i been you may be wondering...well somehow I let myself fall into a BIG black hole and let my insecurities get the best of me...While looking at a lot of my favorite blogs I began to quickly let myself believe that I wasn't good enough...that I am not as awesome as so and so and can't put things together like this person....I really let it drag me down and just lost all motivation.   Before I would even attempt to decorate I would look at two of my favorite blogs to see how they would do it.  I soon began to realized that they were two very diffent styles and trying to make them go together was NOT happening at all...then I became even more frustrated and lost ALL hope ALL together.I was talking with a good friend on Saturday who told me that she has been stocking my blog and there's nothing new on was what I needed to get back...I realize that I may not be as cool as all of these other girls that I so admire but you know what I am me...I do things my way and that is how it should be.....What changed I realized that I am not decorating the way I want and it's for me after all right??? It's supposed to be my house with my personality laced into it. It's time to take charge and do what I want to do...because that is me and that is what makes me happiest of all... I love revamping and creating new things and so here I am...........I AM BACK!!!!

I have this super cute friend/client     you should reallly take the time to check out her amazing photography!!!  We had her do some pictures in the Fall and well she totally rocked it...she is super cute and lots of fun to work with!!!
Anyways she wanted me to take her old trunk and give it some new life....and so I did..
 sorry I know this picture isn't the greatest but hey it the thought that counts right??? so this is the before...before
 here's a better shot of overall but not the front
 this is how she looks all sanded...what a beauty right???
 here is with the black paint before distressing
 here is how it looks after it was distressed
I so loved working on this has so many wonderful lines and curves to bring out 
 loving the little key hole
 sorry for having my drop cloth in the picture but was on a time line and it was taking a lot longer to dry than anticipated

here she is.....I loved the way it turned out and love the way a little paint & some stain add  lots of love and you have a whole new look
Thanks Kelly for letting me work on your hope was so much fun and it turned out great!!!


  1. Beckie - I love it SO MUCH! It was an incredible transformation and looks a million times better than I could have imagined! Thank you for being uber talented!

  2. Wanna do mine next?! LOL! I have one that my mother might just die if I paint it...but I'm ready for the change. LOL! Maybe i'll get details from you and it can be my summer project. :)

  3. Beckie - You are amazing! We need to get together and catch up sometime soon. The chest is incredible:) You ROCK!!! Absolutely love everything you do....I miss you!!!