Tuesday, November 8, 2011

thanksgiving table runner

I think it's safe to say that you know I love table runners and just love fabric...
so of course I had to make some Thanksgiving table runners.
My mother in law showed me this super easy and amazingly fast table runner that she made and then while talking with one of my best friends and she was telling me about this super easy table runner and she showed me how to do it...so so so easy.
This one is in my boys bedroom...my little handsome helped me to pick out the fabric....I love the turkies on it.
 Don't mind my Christmas table runner.......................it's just a little preview ha ha
 I love the colors on this one...don't mind that I haven't finished my end yet .....oops
I had to done one that was pieced together as the fabrics were just so cute and I couldn't just choose one ...I love the way they all came together

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  1. Ha! I just made a camera strap out of the gorgeous orange in the first pic. LOL! Love these!!!