Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanksgiving decor

So now here it is the Thanksgiving decor...same thing...I just really can't remember things so this is for next year
 this year while on Pintrest I found this super cute amazing subway art that was for free...even better so I printed it and put it in a clearance frame I found at Hobby in love with it
 This is our thankful turkey....every day we put pieces of paper in that we are thankful for and on Thanksgiving day we pull out and read them all while having Thanksgiving really sets the mood and helps us to have a whole entire month that we find things we are thankful for...the little man who is almost 4 just draws pictures.

 my little man loves this scarecrow....he thinks he's so funny

 yeah we are watching doesn't get much better than this does it?????
 This year I found these amazing pinecones at Hobby Lobby and just had to have them....they were going be used for Christmas but I thought they were fitting for Thanksgiving know me getting the most out of my money....haha
 I also found these super cute phesants at Hobby Lobby....I tell you Thanksgiving decor that is cool is just so hard to find so of course I had to have these too...good thing they were on sale!!!!
 I found two small wreaths at Tai Pan and took them apart and put into this super awesome cornacoupia...yeah i don't know how to spell but it's the thought that counts right????  Doesn't it just look so super cute on my new table runner?????  I love the classy feel it gives....

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all...thanks for looking

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  1. Love those pheasants! Darling! I need to spruce up my Thanksgiving decorations...indian corn and the wooden thanks letters are about all I have strength for this year. LOL!