Monday, February 7, 2011

How to revamp a frame

I have learned that if you like something you can always turn it into something that you love!
I bought this frame and love the layout of it but the color is not quite what I wanted soooo...
 I took the frame and painted white around the edges and enough on the insides so that it wouldn't show through the paper. Then i took some scrapbook paper put on top and traced the frame onto it. Next I cut the paper out and used Modge podge to make the paper adhere to the frame. Once it was on the frame I then used a lightweight sandpaper and sanded the edges of the paper to give it a more finished look.
 To finish off with I painted a little more white around the edges and put one more layer of Modge podge over it to seal it up and here you go!
A whole new look!

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