Monday, February 7, 2011

fast and easy valentine project ideas

Okay so if you are needing a fast and easy project here you go! 
The first project is one using cardstock and ribbon.  First cut out different sized of hearts.  Then you take a needle and punch two holes in the heart. Once you have that done grab some ribbon and a needle.  Then you thread your needle with ribbon and thread the hearts through.  You should have a string of hearts like this. I tied a bow with the extra ribbon on the center heart to give it a little something extra!   

I took an old tin decoration that I had and sprayed it red. Next I cut out some vinyl on my Cricut and put on top! Easy as 1...2...3!
  Only I wished I used white vinyl but hey that 's okay!
 For the next project I took a piece of wood and cut to 8 x 6 1/2. Then I painted it pink.  Cut out some words using red cardstock and my Cricut and painted a layer of Modpodge then put the words on.  Once dry I used another layer of Modpodge and here you go!


  1. I LOVE the conversation blocks! Too cute!

  2. I am so glad you posted this heart thing. I am going to try and make it right now!