Wednesday, March 2, 2011

St Patricks Table Runner tutorial

I had this marvelous idea of making a table runner for St. Pattys while at the fabric store talking with my friend.  She said she wanted to make a table runner and I thought I would get some fabric and see what all I can come up with.... so the story goes......I wasn't to sure what to do at first but must say I am loving the end product!!!!!
I came up with the idea in my brain and got to work.... 
Frist I printed off a few different shapes of clovers off the computer and layed it over my fabric and wonderunder and then cut out
Once all my clovers were cut I layed them out on the main piece of fabric for my runner
which is 13x32.

Next I ironed them on so they stay in place before I sew them (a whole lot less pining and my sewing machine greatly thanks me for this)

 Next I sewed a zigzag stich around all my clovers to give a little distinction then i put the backing on of my runner...lined up and attached my binding to it and sewed that on with a zigzag stitch as well
Wala! here it is all done I sew (haha) love it

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