Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mat Makeover with Fabric

I had a brilliant idea the other day to take a picture frame and give a new look with the use of some fabric!!  That way you can update your frames without having to pay a fortuane for new matts.  All you need is a frame with a mat (haha) funny how that works
I pulled out the mat and measured it.

Next I layed some fabric over and cut out the middle and left enough to fold over...this was my mock trial as I only had enough fabric to make two of the correct ones and couldn't afford a sew up so here we are....
Then I took my "real" fabric and went to work.  I folded and taped as I went along...I used a strong double sided sticky tape and used that to hold my fabric in place
Here is a picture of how the backside of how the insides looked taped...make sense right???
                                                                This is the new mat
I sprayed the outside of my frames to a cream and then add the mat to the inside
The finished product...I ended up doing two frames so I could have picts of my two cute boys
Here it is my two cute little men in the "NEW" look