Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to make a three slot laundry organizer tutorial

Okay so once upon a time we bought this amazing laundry organizer from Target and we so LOVE it but after having it for 8 years it was starting to fall apart.................funny how things do that over time
as you can see it has really seen better like the holes and stains and how it has amazingly shrunk like crazy in the time we've had it
So I got a bright idea to make new compartments.  I bought some grey duckcloth--- I wanted something really strong so it wouldn't rip.  I measured my previous one but wanted to make this a little different, longer and three separate compartments.  So here we go......
The measurements are as follows....
The front is 30 x 13 1/2  you will need to cut 6 of these
The sides are 30 x 9  you'll need to cut 6 of these
The bottom is 13 1/2 x 9   you need to cut three of these
 Next I started by by pinning the bottom to the front and back
 here is a little clearer picture of taking the bottom piece and pining it to the sides
 Then I used a serging stitch to really make sure it holds in place
 Then I pinned on the the front and back and sewed the bottom only on all four sides
Then I pinned up the sides and sewed those
 Here is a picture of how well the corners lined up1
 Once it is all done turn inside out and attach the ties to it.  I measured 4 inches down and sewed them in place to reinforce ( to make the ties I cut some material 2 1/2 inches by 9 long and folded in half and in half again (the width that is) and top stitched) 
 The I rolled the top down and down again to the four inch mark and topstitch over it
 Here is the finished love it                                              Here is a side view
Ta Da so much better than before and I love having them extra deep as it holds more clothes and look no stains gotta love it

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