Thursday, March 1, 2012

THE ROCK STAR lunch box

About  a month ago our oldest switched schools.  No it wasn't planned and no we didn't hate his old school infact we were quite in love with why the change???
That is a question I asked myself for about a week while making the decision.... our answer we had an amazing oppourtunity and we took it. I am ever so glad we did and haven't looked back at our old school they didn't have back packs and so my son had an over the shoulder lunch box that I LOVED...but with taking back packs to school now it just wasn't going to cut it.  Due to the change of schools we had to buy all new supplies and uniforms...can I just tell you how much I LOVE uniforms....ok so is it going to be a blue shirt today??? and would you like blue or khaki pants to go with that???  It truly is this mothers dream come true...So when looking for a lunch box  I didn't want to spend a I already had on everything else so I wen to Down East and found this AWESOME lunch box.....only my son's name isn't David.  He did have a grandpa named David but that's another story for another day...So when I saw that David...the lunch box was only $ was a now brainer.

 I thought I could just unpick the not so much so the next best thing was
to pull out some fabric that I had and using the freezer stenciling technique I made his name and used some fabric paint and sponged it on....

 Once that was done I folded it down and sewed it onto his "ROCK STAR" lunchbox!!!!  His name is all shiny and metallic...teeeheee....
Now he has a rockin' new lunch box that fits inside of his Bobba Fett backpack. Killer deal espeically since it's a Pottery Barn Kids lunch box and was a whole lot more than $3.00...


  1. Awesome... I just gave a way some old uniform clothes this week. So miss that. Life was simple. Love, live the box. Wahoooo

  2. Not live --- dang auto correct!