Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Loving being a mom

One of the other main reasons why I didn't post so very much in March is because sometimes you have to take time to just breathe. This is my little breathing machine...Ryker.
 We have had SO much fun building lots of different train tracks....even Cooper our little "rat" got in on the fun.  You know when you get those crazy moments in life when something hits you and you become softer and decide to enjoy what you have NOW rather than keep waiting until the later...well let's just say I have had a lot of those moments in the past month.  The moments when you really enjoy being a mom and being able to stay home and play with your little crazies.  I am so greatful to such a wonderful and hardworking husband who allows me to spend time at home creating and building beautiful bonds with our children...don't get me wrong there were days of complete crazy and not one toy being put away AT ALL...for some odd reason I don't take pictures of those days...probably because they are seared into my mind no matter what and a picture would re-establish it by giving me a visual of how bad it really is...who knows maybe one day I'll surprise you and put those kinds of pictures on...and then you'll die from the shock and horror and then I'll have that on my brain too...

 For now though we are just living life by the seat of our pants...It's nice to not always have a project to do and a task list to accomplish.  It's nice to be able to pull out the toys and just take the time to hit me that I only have 2 more years with my little man before we hit full blown school...then it will be my time. For now I am really enjoying the time that we have and trying to capture every moment and cherish it.  We've also had a lot of fun watching Cars 2  and bringing out our cars collection too...

I mean who can deny this cute face anyways right??

 plus we are wearing out Cooper in the process which is a double bonus!!!!
So here's to you to take the time to breathe and enjoy what you have going on around you!

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  1. Holy Cow, Beck. He looks big enough to put Pickles in his place, now.