Thursday, April 5, 2012

Star Wars Scripture bags

I can't help myself....when I find "cute" boys fabric which is like never...then I come up with all sorts of ideas what to make for my hansomes....YES I AM A SUCKER for my boys....

 So we had just watched Captain America in the theaters....yes I am behind but slowly getting there....and then while walking around in JoAnns I came across this fabric...what to make what to make....sure why not let's do a scripture bag...then my bag will become a lot smaller without having to carry the boys stuff to Church.
So Ryker my youngest found this fabric and wanted it for him...I prefered matching but whatever.....
 Then of course we came across this fabric and I was a gonner.... so this is what my ryker choose...he is more interested in the Clone Wars Star Wars...
 I made this one as my dummy and i think it's safe to say it didn't turn out too bad.... 

 I made this one for my older son Xander who was so kind to let me pick his fabric...he's so much easier to work with....

This is his Star Wars bag and the ones that will most likely keep for life!


I have made some bags for a few different people and I finally decided to make one for myself...grey and yellow who knew right??? I so love the way it turned out!


  1. So, so, cute!!! I LOVE mine and always get complements on it!!!

  2. LOVE. I am still sad I didn't get that at the Christmas exchange! I will have to make one for me but I need one about 10x that big....Oh well. You are amazing..

  3. OMG - So cute! Sure beats the fake leather ones from back in the day.